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Get the latest firmware for your L1 systems, S1 Pro system and ToneMatch mixers. You can also download original presets, factory and user scenes if you own a ToneMatch mixer.

S1 Pro system firmware

Update your S1 Pro to the latest firmware. For units purchased in early 2018, with serial number Z code 8162 or lower, a USB cable must be used for the initial update. Otherwise, S1 Pro can be updated over a Bluetooth® connection using the Bose Connect app running version 6.1.0 or later.

*To identify your product’s serial number Z code, look for the 4-digit number after the “Z” in your product’s serial number.

ToneMatch mixer firmware

Download the latest firmware fixes and enhancements for your ToneMatch mixer. Use the L1/ToneMatch application to apply these.

ToneMatch updater applications

You must install this application on your computer to update ToneMatch mixers and L1 Model II/1S systems.

v2.1 for Windows
(requires Windows 7 or later; USB 1.1 or later)

v2.1 for macOS
(requires macOS version 10.5 or later; Intel processor; USB 2.0 or later)

ToneMatch mixer presets and scenes

Partner presets

Click on the links below to download ToneMatch preset banks A, B and C. Before updating, please visit the wiki article.

Factory-default ToneMatch presets and scenes

Use these files to back up or restore your ToneMatch mixer.

Empty ToneMatch A, B and C bank

Use this download to remove the A, B or C bank from your ToneMatch mixer

L1 system firmware

Download the latest firmware updates for L1 Model II and L1 Model 1S systems. You need a ToneMatch mixer and the L1/ToneMatch system updater tool to apply this update. More information >