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Whether you’re a rugged outdoor adventurer or a street party champion, there’s a portable Bluetooth® speaker that fits your needs.

When the weather is wonderful, it’s time to enjoy the great outdoors. The smell of burgers on the grill, the miles-long view of a mountaintop summit and the warmth of the sun hitting your face on a romantic picnic—these moments all deserve a background track that equally thrills the senses. Whether you’re a rugged adventurer or the back-garden BBQ champion, Bose offers the best portable wireless speakers for your every outdoor need.

Bose Portable Smart Speaker on a table outside


Perfect for the back-garden BBQ

There’s nothing better than firing up the grill and surrounding yourself with your closest friends. As the best BBQ host around, you wear a lot of hats: grill master, décor extraordinaire and the party’s DJ. You need a speaker that matches your all-in-one persona. With the Bose Portable Smart Speaker you get the power and versatility of a wireless home speaker, a portable Bluetooth® speaker and a voice-controlled speaker in one product. Your back garden never sounded so good. 

SoundLink Revolve+ Bluetooth speaker on a table


The sweetheart deal

There are few things more romantic than grabbing a picnic basket and blanket for a romantic date with your sweetheart. Before heading out of the door with the basket in one hand, grab the handle of the Revolve+ II with the other. Engineered with powerful 360° sound, this outdoor wireless speaker will envelop your picnic in a blanket of summer tunes, and with up to 17 hours of battery life, it will last the entire day. Picnics can be a little messy and accidents happen, so if you nervously spill that second glass of wine and it splashes your speaker—don’t worry—the Revolve+ II is water-resistant and a little spill won’t ruin the mojo.

SoundLink Micro Bluetooth speaker being attached to the handlebar of a bicycle


The biker’s best friend 

There’s a moment near the end of any workout when your legs feel like lead, your heart pounds and your lungs are desperate for air. At times like these, everyone needs extra motivation—like the perfect playlist. Whether mountain biking or hitting the road, this tiny outdoor speaker with a loud personality is perfect for anyone’s needs. The SoundLink Micro can be clipped onto a backpack or handlebar for a light, wireless and high-quality cycling soundtrack. You don’t let a little rain stop you from hitting the trails, and it shouldn’t stop your music either. With a silicone rubber exterior, this portable waterproof speaker can withstand a beating, and more importantly, make you the leader of any pack. 

Polar White SoundLink Color Bluetooth® speaker II on a table


Sun-kissed sound

When heading to the beach, you pack the essentials: sun cream, beach towels and the perfect book. The SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker II is your new beach essential that can survive the sand and catapult you into the chilled beach vibes of postcards and dreams. This outdoor speaker weighs less than a wet towel and will last all day with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides up to 8 hours of playtime. Splash-proof and with sound quality as crisp as the sound of the crashing waves, the SoundLink Color II could soon become your essential beach companion. 

S1 Pro system on a table in a back garden during a party


The street party celebration

Seasons are marked by the memories we create. Summer celebrations before the kids are back at school, the best back-garden weddings and family reunions with matching neon t-shirts. Large gatherings of loved ones create stories that will be passed down and shared. The S1 Pro system is the largest and most powerful battery-powered Bluetooth® speaker for any large outdoor event. Make announcements clearly with the microphone jack, prove you’re the family’s best DJ with wireless Bluetooth streaming or let the local band jam out. This portable speaker ensures that every event has a professional and high-quality feel. 

Life’s unpredictable

When you’re hosting a party or heading for an outdoor adventure, the weather can take a twist or that cousin you didn’t invite could just show up. But with a portable Bose wireless speaker, you can ensure that the good times won’t stop when that minor hiccup bursts forward.