Welcome to the new Bose.ae

A message from our CEO

Bob Maresca

Chief Executive Officer

This is a period of exciting change at Bose. Through our research and innovation, we have grown a portfolio of increasingly connected products, both in-the-home and on-the-go, which are delivering life-changing experiences to millions of customers and an increasingly younger demographic. Many of these customers are interested in knowing more about what Bose stands for as a company, and we are pleased to share part of that story in this report.

Sustainability is a reflection of our Essence and Values, which are the foundation of Bose’s culture. They support our pursuit of excellence and our collective commitments to conduct business with integrity and treat others with respect. These ideals run back to our founder, Dr. Bose, who sought to create an environment where people could realize their fullest human potential. His gift of the majority of non-voting shares to MIT represents a remarkable arrangement between a university and a company. It helps ensure that Bose will remain private and independent, continue to invest for the long term and live out these ideals—a responsibility we take very seriously.

We are proud of the impact our sustainability program is having on our people, communities and environment, as well as on our business. By pursuing excellence in how we manage our environmental performance and care for our people and communities, we create a culture that engages and motivates our employees, attracts the best new talent and helps us run our business with greater efficiency. A sustainability focus also dovetails with our efforts to help people feel more, do more, and be more with Bose products and technology. For example, we are increasing our investment in the development of products that support wellness, such as our Hearphones product, which helps people better understand conversations in noisy environments.

Looking back on fiscal year 2017, I am particularly proud of several notable accomplishments:

  • We began construction of a 1.7 MW solar power installation on our Framingham campus
  • Our manufacturing plant adopted a set of goals covering energy use, waste, employee engagement and community support
  • We completed the rollout of our Global People Management Initiative, which fosters a better work environment by improving the management skills of all 2200+ leaders
  • We continued to support education and research through mentoring the MIT IDEAS Global Challenge teams, offering Bose Sound System Grants and other meaningful initiatives
  • We paid a dividend to our shareholders, including MIT, which is using those funds to advance its education and research mission

While sustainability has been a part of how we do business, this is our first public report—another step forward—and we are pleased to share our progress, priorities and commitment with our employees, our customers and the public.

The environmental and social challenges that are important today will be even more critical in the future. As a company that plays for the long run, we must continue strengthening our sustainability practices so that we can do our part to create a responsible, sustainable future.