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Watching a DVD

Before you play a DVD, you will need to select the video input on your TV that is connected to the video output of the 3∙2∙1 media centre. If you are unable to select the correct video input on your TV, please consult your TV's owner's guide.

To play a DVD, follow these steps:

Turn on your TV.

On the remote, press CD-DVD to turn the 3∙2∙1 system on to the DVD source.

On the media centre, press STOP/EJECT to open the disc tray.

Place the DVD disc in the disc tray, with the label facing up.

Press STOP/EJECT again to close the tray.

The DVD should begin to play automatically. If it does not, press PLAY on the remote.

Note: While a DVD video is playing, elapsed play time and chapter number are displayed on the media centre front panel.

Basic DVD operations

Pause: press to pause the DVD. This will freeze the video on a single video frame. Pressing PAUSE again, resumes DVD play.

Play: press to play the DVD. also resumes play after pausing.

Stop: use the stop button to interrupt a movie in play. Pressing STOP once stops the disc and the system saves the DVD position. Pressing PLAY continues the DVD from the saved play position. Pressing STOP twice returns to the beginning of the disc.

Chapter: press CHAPTER UP to skip to the next chapter of the DVD. Press CHAPTER DOWN to skip to the previous chapter.

Scan: press and hold SCAN FORWARD or SCAN BACKWARD to quickly scan through the DVD. Release the button to resume play.

Navigation pad: use the arrows to navigate through DVD menus. Press ENTER to select highlighted option. These options will vary depending on the DVD.

DVD menu: this will display DVD menu options onscreen.