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Using the control module's power and volume controls

Power button

press the power button to turn acoustic noise cancelling® technology on or off, and control indicator brightness:


press power once to turn on acoustic noise cancelling® technology

press and hold power to turn off acoustic noise cancelling® technology

press power twice rapidly to toggle between the dim and bright led

the headset can take up to 6 seconds to turn on or off. each additional press of the power button will cause the headset to take longer to complete the desired action. avoid rapid presses of the power button when attempting to turn the headset on or off.

Volume control

the left and right volume control wheels on the control module adjust the volume of the corresponding earcup. with acoustic noise cancelling® technology off, volume control will be set to the maximum level. overall headset volume control requires adjustments at both the aircraft intercom or radio and at the headset control module. even at its lowest setting, neither volume control wheel can completely turn off the intercom audio.

Volume control wheels

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