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Setting the room code

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Your Wave® radio comes from the factory ready to operate as a second-room device (room code B) when connected to a Bose® link-enabled Lifestyle® system. If you want to use your Wave® radio with your Lifestyle® system beyond a second room, you will need to change the room code to match that of the remote control you are using for that room.

Refer to your Lifestyle® system owner's guide for more information on room codes.

On the remote, press and hold ALARM TIME/MENU until "Setup menu" is displayed

Alarm Time/Menu

Press TUNE > six times until "Room- b" is displayed. The dashes following the room letter indicate how the microswitches should be set on the Lifestyle® system remote control

Tune >

Press TIME - or TIME + to select a room code other than room B

Time –

Time +

Press ALARM TIME/MENU to exit the setup menu or wait 10 seconds for the setup menu to end automatically

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