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Recognising the lights and tones

Bluetooth® indicator

purple (blinking):
the headphones are discoverable for pairing

blue (blinking):
the headphones are attempting to connect to a bluetooth device

blue (solid):
the headphones are connected to a bluetooth® device

Battery indicator

green (solid):
1/2 to 7 hours remaining battery time

amber (solid):
less than 1/2 hour remaining battery time

red (blinking):
recharge headphones now

amber (blinking):
headphones are charging

green (while charging):
headphones are fully charged

Audio tones

two notes (low to high):
headphones are discoverable

three notes (low to high):
headphones are connected to a device

four notes (low to high):
power on

four notes (high to low):
power off

three notes (high to low):
wireless connection ended

one note:
low battery warning

two notes (high to low):
incoming call

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