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Powering on/off

To power on:

Remove the headphones from the charging case. 

A voice prompt from the right earbud announces the battery level and the Bluetooth .indicator on each earbud blinks blue.

Note: You must be wearing the headphones to hear the voice prompts.

To power off:

Place both earbuds in the charging case.

Standby timer

The standby timer conserves the battery when the headphones are removed from the charging case and not being used. The headphones will switch to standby mode when audio has stopped and no buttons have been pressed for 20 minutes. To wake the headphones, press the Bluetooth button on the left earbud and press any button on the right earbud. 

Note: To disable the timer or change the number of minutes that it takes for your headphones to switch to standby mode, use the Bose® Connect app.

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