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Playing a CD

To play a CD, insert the disc (label side up) into the CD slot located below the front display. The disc player will automatically pull the disc in and begin playing.

Remote button functions for CD playing:

Play/Pause: Press to play a CD or pause a playing CD. The elapsed time flashes while paused. Press again to resume play.

Seek/Track back: Press once to skip to beginning of the current track. Press it twice to skip to the beginning of the previous track.

Seek/Track forward: Press once to skip to the next track.

Tune/MP3: Press and hold the buttons to quickly scan backward or forward through a track.

Stop/Eject: Press once to stop a CD. Press again to eject a CD. If a CD is playing, press and hold the button to stop a CD and eject it.

Note: when you play a stopped CD it will always resume from the place it was stopped.

While your audio CD is playing, the CD source information will appear on your display.

Note: If you eject a CD but do not remove it from the CD player slot within 10 seconds, the CD player will pull the CD back into the player, reload but not play.

Caution: DO NOT INSERT mini CDs or non-circular CDs into the disc player. These discs may not play properly and could interfere with the system's ability to eject them.

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