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Stereo and Party mode

You can pair your Bose speakers together to play in the following modes using the Bose® Connect app (recommended) or the speakers' control buttons:

  • Party mode (left and right speakers in unison)
  • Stereo mode (left speaker and right speaker separate)

Refer to your Bose owner's guide to determine if your secondary speaker supports these modes.

Using Party and Stereo modes with the Bose Connect app

Turn both speakers on

Make sure at least one speaker is paired with your mobile device

From the Connect app, select the Party Mode icon at the bottom of your screen

Select, "CONTINUE".

Wait for the speakers to connect. Once connected, you will be in Party Mode

Select "STEREO (L/R)" to switch to Stereo Mode

Select "STEREO (L/R)" again to switch back to Party Mode

Using Party Mode manually

Make sure both speakers are powered on

Make sure a speaker is connected via Bluetooth® to your mobile device

On the speaker connected to your device, press and hold the Bluetooth and Volume + buttons simultaneously

Release the buttons when you hear "Press the Bluetooth and volume down buttons simultaneously on a second Bose device"

On the second speaker, press and hold the Bluetooth and Volume  buttons simultaneously

Release the buttons when the speaker emits a tone. After ten seconds you will hear "Party Mode" from both speakers simultaneously. Party Mode is enabled. You are now able to play audio in unison using your mobile device

Using Stereo mode manually

On one of the speakers, press the Bluetooth and Volume + buttons simultaneously

Release the buttons when you hear "Stereo Mode". You hear "Left" from the left speaker and "Right" from the right speaker. Stereo mode is enabled. You are now able to play audio in stereo using your mobile device

Configure your speakers for Party Mode. See steps above

To switch between Party and Stereo mode, press the Bluetooth and Volume + buttons simultaneously.

To disable Party or Stereo mode, do one of the following on either speaker:

  • Press and hold the Bluetooth button until you hear "Bose speakers unlinked"
  • Press and hold the Multi-function and Volume + buttons simultaneously until you hear "Bose speakers unlinked"
  • Press the Power button to power off the speaker

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