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No audio from a Bluetooth® device

To resolve this issue, please try the following:

Make sure your device is connected to the speaker

Make sure the speaker is not muted and the volume is turned up. Set the Bluetooth® device's volume to 90% and then use the Bose® speaker volume controls to adjust the level

Try playing a different source on the Bluetooth® device. For example, try a different app to determine if the issue is with a particular app

Your Bluetooth® device may be out of range. Try moving it closer to the speaker

Move your Bluetooth® device and/or the speaker away from other devices that generate electromagnetic interference (i.e. cordless phones, microwave ovens, wireless routers or other Bluetooth® devices. If possible, turn off nearby Bluetooth ® devices or disable their Bluetooth ® functionality)

If you're hearing audio from a different Bluetooth® device, pause audio on that device. For more information on using the system with two Bluetooth® devices, see connecting to multiple Bluetooth® devices

In the device's Bluetooth® settings, choose to "FORGET" or "REMOVE" the Bose® speaker. Then, pair the device to the speaker again and retest

On the speaker, press and hold the Bluetooth® button for ten seconds until you hear a tone and “Bluetooth® device list cleared”, if voice prompts are enabled

Reboot the Bluetooth® device. This is typically done by shutting it down completely and then restarting it

Reset the Bose® speaker by turning it on and holding the power button for 10 seconds until it turns off. Note: A factory reset clears the speaker's language setting and its paired mobile device memory, returning the speaker to original factory settings

Try a different Bluetooth® device to determine if there is an issue with the device

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