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How AirPlay® works

Apple® AirPlay® is a proprietary protocol created by Apple®. It lets you send music wirelessly from iTunes® or a portable iOS® device to your SoundLink® Air digital music system using your Wi-Fi® network.

An AirPlay® compatible device sends music directly to your wireless router, which in turn sends the music to the SoundLink® Air system.

Note: Your source device and your SoundLink® Air system must be on the same network.

Both your source device and your SoundLink® Air system must be within range of the wireless router. The average wireless network has a range of about 20 metres. Structures, such as brick walls, metal studs or other electronic devices, can cause interference and block the signal. If you can’t connect to the SoundLink® Air system, or your music is cutting out, try moving your devices closer to the router.

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