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Connecting the headset to the aircraft

The headset can be configured to either plug into aircraft power (six pin plug) or rely entirely on battery power (dual plugs).

Using the 6-pin plug

A single six pin plug inserted into the six pin connector provides the headset with aircraft power and intercom audio. If the headset is powered by the aircraft, a six pin connector must be installed and mounted to an aircraft panel by a qualified avionics installation technician. An adapter is available from Bose to convert a six pin connector to a dual G/A plug for additional connection flexibility.

To connect the headset

Align the 6-pin plug to the connector keyway by matching the narrow bar on the plug to the slot on the connector

Connecting the headset plug to the aircraft

Firmly press the plug into the connector jack

To disconnect the headset

Pull back on the sleeve near the end of the 6-pin plug

Disconnecting the headset plug from the aircraft

Gently continue pulling back to remove the plug from the connector

Do not pull the connector out without first pulling back the sleeve. Forcing the connector out will damage the cable and/or the aircraft instrument panel.

Using the dual general aviation plugs

The most common battery-only powered version of the headset has two general aviation (G/A) plugs that connect to the aircraft audio. Although the plugs look similar, the microphone plug (top) is shorter and thinner, and has a slightly different shape than the intercom plug (bottom).

Two general aviation (G/A) plugs of the battery-only powered version of the headset

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