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Our Core Values
There is a core value set that defines life at Bose, we hold these values very close to our heart. Each and every employee is expected to understand and imbibe this value set to fit into the company’s fabric. For the purpose each employee is put through a structured training to understand what Bose stands for and what these values imply. These values are:
Create Value for our customers
Innovation in all aspects of work
Have Passion for what one does and what Bose stands for
Treat all with Respect
Conduct business with Integrity
Pursue Excellence in all we do
Life at Bose
Life at Bose is a sum total of challenges, camaraderie, learning and growing.

At Bose we believe and actively practice an open door policy, wherein one can take on a challenge or ask questions or find new solutions.

Our core values: integrity, respect, passion, creating value for customer, innovation & excellence which also define our code of conduct help us reach beyond our boundaries and limits.

We believe in making mistakes, for they sustain our learning, offer challenges, encourage creativity and finally offer workable and sound solutions. Recognition of a job well done, whether, at an individual, departmental or organizational level, is a way of life here.

Apart from all this, here one’s family is not relegated to the periphery. Regular get-togethers and trips, take the pressure off the shoulders for a bit, whilst including everyone in the circle of Bose.
Bose in India
Bose in India is the 16th wholly owned Subsidiary of Bose Corporation, United States. Bose Middle East and Africa is a unique subsidiary in more than one way. The most important is our business model. To understand that, we need to first understand what is the mission that drives us.

Our worldwide mission is:
Creating products that help make people’s lives better
Delivering Quality to our customers

While the first part of the mission is well looked after by our parent; it was the fulfillment of the second mission, which dictated our business model in India. Given that we were starting with a clean slate & no precedence, in order to fulfil the second mission of delivering Quality Bose Middle East and Africa decided to go -‘Direct to customer’.

This translates to saying that no matter what our line of business, we will take our offerings directly to customer without any middlemen. Hence we have no resellers, middlemen or franchises.

In India we operate out of two business segments:

Professional Systems Division: Which is responsible for providing complete turnkey audio-video & control system solution for any public space.

Retail Division: which provides products and solution for homes.

Let’s understand the scope of business of each of these divisions and how do they conduct business.

  Professional Systems Division:
Provides customized complete turnkey audio-video & control system solutions using a systems approach.
Solutions provided for all public spaces:
Retail outlets
E- classrooms
Conferencing solutions
Sound Masking Solutions
Focus on:
Providing customers an optimal solution
360 degree customer focus
A segment that displays a constantly expanding scope
Opportunity to learn new skills & grow within the organization.
Opportunity to develop expertise in the chosen field
Retail Division:
Operates out of company owned exclusive showrooms.
Home Theatre Systems
Music Systems
Speaker Systems
Multimedia Speakers
Focus on:
Customer orientation & awareness
Customer experience
Growing business segment
Opportunity to learn & grow within the organization.
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